To speed-up your Digital Strategy, get even closer to business and automate as much as you can!

I already shared my view on the importance to get IT as close as possible to Business, considering that Digital Transformation is first a change on the approach of Business, before considering the technical side of the story.

I have recently found this article from the CTO of Worksoft, Shoeb Javed, where he is listing 5 ways to accelerate a Digital Business Strategy:

  • Understand critical business processes
  • Automate early and often
  • Blur the boundaries between business and IT
  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to analyze & optimize
  • Create a Center of Excellence (COE)

2016_top_strgc_cio_forbes_iThinking again about these points, I recognize again the importance of IT / Business relationship most probably as the MOST important topic to have in mind. And then comes clearly automation, which does include to some extend AI technology integration.

Getting closer to Business is also seen as key success factors for 2016 CIOs by Oracle and Forbes. Their recent infographic on the Top 10 Strategic Issues for 2016 contains not less than 4 points directly related to Business understanding. And that is what Chief Communications Officer at Oracle, Bob Evans, is also sharing in his recent Youtube blog.

Don’t hesitate to read the full article, it is really a good summary!



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