Gartner: Canadian CIOs priorise cybersecurity although aware of Digital Transformation urgency

Digital Transformation remains the main development driver for the coming years, no question on it. Still, after few years already investing on it and being aware that they are only at the beginning of the journey, some CIOs may face conflicts between their day-to-day issues and their transformation dream.

That is somehow what Gartner has found out by interviewing 117 CIOs in Canada.

Their recent survey indeed reveals that these CIOs have an even more urgent concern to handle: cybersecurity. Gartner expert Chris Howards tends to consider that “this may be part of the impetus behind legacy modernization spending, and the emphasis on renovating the technical platform” (see his interview on Gartner website).

But are companies in other countries much more advanced in their IT landscape modernisation to neglect this concern on cyberthreats?

Maybe not.



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